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LittleWalks1 The Little Book Of Little Walks Around Little Villages
In The Cotswolds by RR Gordon

Book 1. Birdlip & Beyond

For many decades we have been doing walks in the Birdlip - Stroud - Cirencester area (the Golden Triangle as I call it) and we thought it would be nice to share some of these with you. Some are short saunters and others are more energetic.

In my mind, each of these walks operates as follows: you wake up late on a Sunday morning, have an unhurried, indolent breakfast, drive over to the suggested parking spot, potter round for 30-45 minutes and then have lunch at the nearest pub. Beautiful.

This first book, entitled Birdlip & Beyond, contains walks in Birdlip, Elkstone, Brimpsfield, Miserden and near the Fostons Ash. You may download it for free below.

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