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Meaningless Meaningless by RR Gordon
From the Meaning Of Life series

An unusual, thought-provoking story from the bestselling author of Gull Rock ...

Nick Jemand is well and truly over 40, but his body is just about holding together enough for him to still play for his veteran's football team, Spartak Stroud. He can't walk for four days after each match, but it's worth it ...

Nick's job is okay, not exactly fulfilling, but not quite bad enough for him to look for another one. Until he gets a new boss who doesn't like him. And then his mate's wife has an affair with a thug and somehow Nick gets involved. That's what life is all about though - football, work and helping your mates.

Meaningless is a Nick Hornby style parable which tells the story of a simple man struggling to divine the meaning of life as we all do. Will he find the meaning for him? Will we find the answer for ourselves? Will he score the winning goal in the cup final? Will he score any goals in the whole season? Whether this forthright, quirky tale is uplifting is ultimately down to you.

Praise for Meaningless:
"A thought-provoking story that will stay with you long after closing the final page."
"Touching, emotive and amusing."
"Original and unusual with captivating dialogue."

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