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Brenscombe Debris Brenscombe by RR Gordon - Book 1. Debris

What would you do if society collapsed? If there was no petrol, no electricity, no food in the shops? If law and order had evaporated and people were starting to fight for every scrap of food. Would you survive?

The economy of Greece has finally crashed, quickly followed by Spain and Italy, resulting in a domino effect across every country of the world. Money dries up, nobody is being paid and one by one all industry sectors suffer crippling strikes. Electricity is cut off, no food deliveries are made, petrol runs out.

This is the story of one family living in a rural Gloucestershire village and what they do to survive. Fortunately John Strachan saw the writing on the wall and made preparations, but were they enough? Will he be able to defend his family when starving people begin flooding out of the cities in the hunt for food?

BRENSCOMBE is the new novel from the best-selling author of Gull Rock: a gripping post-apocalyptic tale evoking the compelling themes of REVOLUTION along with the feudal power struggles and intrigue of GAME OF THRONES.

Praise for Brenscombe:
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"A page-turner to beat all page-turners!"; "RR Gordon's best book so far";
"A simple, fast-paced story that keeps you turning the pages";

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