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Ramsey Sound Ramsey Sound by RR Gordon
Book 2 of the Wish You Were Here series

The woman I love doesn't want me, fish out of water, I'm all at sea
She doesn't want a life on the brink, she wants a roof, bed, the kitchen sink

Not sink - think! - stability, career, she wants to know the future is clear
Will I be a part of that future? No, she wants me out of the picture

Because for me there's no nine to five, I made my choice, that's to be alive
Like a bird my choice is to be free, to be, whatever I want to be

I thought it would be such a fine thing, to see waves crash, to hear the birds sing
Off the fast track and on the slow, to go, wherever I want to go

And now, for me, there is no way back, I've made my bed, but I'm on the rack
Is this freedom I ask? It's no fun, to run, and always be on the run

No. Free as a fish that's all, trapped by the surface, my prison wall
Fish out of water, I'm all at sea, the woman I love doesn't want me

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